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Personalized Nutrition

personalized nutrition

The Right Diet for You

If you think you have tried every diet under the sun and failed to reach your health goal whether it is weight loss, having more energy or just feeling better, then let me help you. It is so frustrating when you do a lot of research and have made diet and lifestyle changes yet not moved the needle. 

Have you heard testimonials of how people have succeeded on a vegan diet, a Paleo diet, a detox protocol, etc.  You may even know someone personally, maybe your own relative who swear by the Keto diet. You tried it and it didn’t work for you or maybe the things you tried just wasn’t sustainable. 

You’ve tried them all.

If you want to ignore all the white noise and understand what is going to work for YOU, then let me help you.

Learn what works for you and know what to eat, how to eat and know what not to eat so you can feel better, look better, and be better. 


Here is how I can help…

Signs and Symptoms

I take a thorough review of your signs and symptoms. Did you know that simply observing your physical appearance and a thorough assessment of your symptoms are clues to solving your medical mystery? Seeing white spots on your fingernails, having a poor appetite and food not tasting as good as it used to, for example, could be a sign of zinc deficiency. It may not be a direct diagnosis, but it helps to point you in the right direction.

Medical history

Reviewing your medical history and getting a medical timeline is going to be important to see where and when things started. 


Looking at bloodwork and other tests will help me in trying to get to your root cause and help you get better. I may recommend specific test if needed if it will help you get to your health goal. I don’t like to rely on just tests nor do I like to order unnecessary tests because it is easy to get a whole bunch of tests done (there’s so many out there), but sometimes it is important and I can guide you as to which tests are going to be worth your time and money. 

I also look at optimal levels on tests. Your doctor or other practitioner may have looked at your test results and said that everything came back “normal” yet you still have symptoms and you don’t feel healthy. It may be because what is “normal” on conventional lab ranges are measuring the average “sick” people, not healthy people.  It’s important to look at optimal levels – where you feel your best, not just without disease.  Another important factor is looking at the trend when looking at test results. You may still be within the normal range, even optimal – but what is the trend? It may be telling. 


I offer personalized nutrition so I don’t blindly offer supplements or have a protocol that I follow that is generalized and not personalized. I will recommend supplements that will help you get to your health goals. Believe it or not, sometimes supplements, wrong or right, or even just too many, can actually prevent you from reaching your goals and even harm you.  I will recommend supplements when appropriate, not too fast, not too soon, since when and how many is important also. I work on the foundation before I add on supplements. Supplements should never be a replacement for a suboptimal diet or lifestyle. 


Communication is key when we work together since feedback is critical  in directing your health journey and whether or not you are going in the right direction.

This is all part of personalized nutrition. It’s not a ready-made protocol that is generic for a certain condition. I look into what happened, how did you get there, why is your body responding a certain way, what do you do and where do you go from there.


If this sounds good to you and you want my help and guidance, please contact me.

It’s time for you to find out what is the best diet that is just right for you!

Start feeling good, looking good, and being better!

Start with your diet. I take a food first, science based approach to optimize your health. 

Food First. Food for nourishment. Food is hope. Food for health.

Looking forward to helping you get to your best self with personalized nutrition.



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