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Digestive Heatlh & Gut Health

digestion and gut health


The entire digestive tract really starts with your brain when you see, smell, touch, and taste food. From the time you chew food in your mouth to the time it is pooped out, there’s a lot that goes on and many “check points” that happen. Trust me when I say that your body is always trying to “save” you and will do the best it can under the circumstance. Having symptoms is the body’s way of communicating with you that it needs help. 

“It’s not what your body is doing TO you but what your body is doing FOR you”.

If you are feeling gassy, bloated, constipated, have diarrhea, burping excessively, or just not feeling right, then listen to your body – “a little help here”! I can help you try to figure out what is going on and what your body is trying to say. Then we’ll come up with a plan to support your body so you can have better digestive and gut health. In most cases, it’s a top-down approach where you see along the way starting from the brain down where you need more support. 

What is also important is mindful eating and chewing well for better absorption of your food. Do you eat through work or multi-task while you eat? You need to slow down and enjoy your meal. Eating in a stressful state can really start the process of indigestion.


for a Healthy Diet:

1) Quality of food

2) Quantity of food

3) Timing of food

Simple concept but so foundational. You can’t skip this part. 

I offer personalized nutrition plan. Please check this out.

Next Steps

Next steps after going over symptoms and a questionnaire, is assessing gut health, stress, sleep, food allergies and intolerances, hormones, enzymes, drainage and detoxification pathways, genetics, and tests. 

RDadvantage can help you get your health back on track and know what to eat without worrying about pain, gas, bloat, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, rashes, fatigue and other symptoms. 

What this looks like is a process of assessing, recommending, tweaking and tracking. There is no one size fits all protocol.


Not only is what you eat important but how you digest food and how you eliminate are just as important. There are many other factors but starting with these asessments can get you further along towards your health goals.

You may need to look into further testing. 

Besides bloodwork, getting functional testing on your gut microbiome, and/or functional digestive health to see how well you are digesting and what vitamins and minerals you are lacking or not absorbing or in excess could help. I can recommend, order and interpret these tests to get you on the right track to improve your gut health.

What would being healthy mean to you?

joyful eating
healthy at last

More energy to enjoy life and play with your kids!

Celebrating with friends anywhere, anytime without fear of embarrassing urgency to use the bathroom, gas, bloating, pain!

Arranging dates and events with friends and family instead of skipping them.

No more worrying about your bowel movement or period pains!

Living a long, healthy life and being involved in your children’s and grandchildren’s lives!

Going out in the garden and enjoying nature without pain and without allergies!

Enjoying your food instead of fearing it!

Being productive at work and at home!

Mental clarity! Mood stability!

Easy periods! 

Picture of health!

Feeling great instead of feeling like crap!

Happily go to your reunion with anticipation!

Contact me – a functional Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at RDadvantage and soon, you’ll be on your way to a happier, healthier life.

 Feel better, look better, and be better. 

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